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Doing business with Federal, State and Local government can be as complex as navigating the streets of Boston. Capital Associates is in the business of steering companies through the intricacies of the procurement process and helping find, qualify, bid and win new business. Knowing the key people, anticipating their buying needs and actively putting our clients in the position to win is what Capital Associates is all about.

In addition, our Government Affairs team works for companies and organizations that need help in defining or changing policy in the legislative or regulatory environments. We strive to protect and defend the interests of our clients by working in all facets of government to identify key issues and to develop unified positions.

Capital Associates, Inc. knows how government works and how key decisions are made.

what this means for our clients

Through business, government, and political involvement, Capital Associates has cultivated an extensive network of private sector consultants for our team. These individuals with their particual talents will be utilized to fulfill your business needs. Capital Associates is equipped to create a winning strategy, to build a cohesive project team when it is needed, and to succeed in a highly competitive business marketplace.

Capital Associates has a proven record of accomplishment. Put us to the test for you.

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